Sonoma Massage Co.

100% Organic Wellness Therapy



See our Add-Ons page for customizing your Farm To Table Spa Experience

with our 100% Organic made-to-order skin care & therapeutic spa treatments. 

Relaxation Massage

relaxing Swedish massage to soothe mind, body, & spirit.

60 Minutes


90 Minutes 


Deep Tissue Massage

firm massage with concentrated attention to desired areas of your body that need to let go of

tension & stiffness. Specific anatomical knowledge & deeper pressure are combined for a therapeutic release.

60 Minutes


90 Minutes


Bentonite Clay MAssage

This 90 minute relaxation massage includes detoxifying bentonite clay to draw out impurities of the from the body, through the skin. The Bentonite clay will leave skin feeling silky smooth. 


Hot Stone Massage

Warmed river rocks are added to this 90 minute relaxation massage in gliding strokes, providing deep, penetrating heat to muscles & tissues, encouraging tension to release.


Stress Relief Massage

This 90 minute treatment includes relaxation massage, stress relieving aromatherapy, & hot stones to melt your worries & tensions away.


Pain Relief Massage

This treatment includes pain relieving aromatherapy & liniments with a 90 minute relaxation massage. Hot stones provide penetrating heat for deeper relaxation of tired, sore, or recovering muscles.


Bye Bye Cellulite Massage

Cellulite reducing aromatherapy & herbs are combined with this 90 minute relaxation massage, including hot stones to bring heat to tissues, drawing out impurities.


Pregnancy Massage

90 minutes of relaxation & relief, paired with aromatherapy & hot stones. Tailored to the needs & comfort of the mother to be.